Wine and Italian Food Pairing Guide

What goes better with Italian food than a great glass of wine? But there’s more to understanding wine pairing with Italian food than just choosing red, white, or blush. To make your next choice easier, here are a few Italian wine pairing tips to get you started. Are you ready? Let’s pour!

Rosato and Prosciutto

Italian Rosato — sometimes called blush, rose or summer wine — derives its beautiful pink color from just the perfect amount of time in contact with grape skins. This happens just before the wine would become a true red.

Generally lighter, often both tart and fruity, Rosato wine is particularly good paired with lighter foods such as shellfish, a thin grilled pizza lunch, or even a delicious prosciutto appetizer.

Prosciutto is uncooked but cured, thinly sliced ham, that is delicious when balanced with fresh mozzarella, or wrapped around a sweet, juicy melon slice. For the perfect pairing don’t forget to pour the chilled Rosato.

Pinot Grigio and Seafood Linguine

Pinot Grigio is a classic, crisp Italian white, originating from a region near Venice. Ever popular among those who enjoy white wine, this one pairs wonderfully with lighter Italian meals like olive oil based, seafood pasta. Why not chill a bottle of Pinot Grigio, while you prepare this easy seafood linguine at home?

Boil linguine in salted water, according to directions. Be sure not to overlook the pasta. In a large pan, sauté garlic, cleaned shrimp, and calamari rings. Then, add chopped parsley, sea salt, red pepper flakes, and finish it off with a splash of the Pinot Grigio you’ll soon be drinking with dinner.

Toss the drained linguine together with the seafood sauce and serve. This one is quick, easy, flavorful, and all around incredible.

Chianti and Pasta with Marinara

Chianti is a classic Italian red wine from the Chianti region located in Tuscany. It’s bolder than some wines, and, therefore, can handle a heartier Italian meal like a rich marinara pasta. If you want to have a romantic dinner at home, here’s a quick marinara your date will love. Don’t forget to light the candles and pour the Chianti.

Marinara is a wonderful tomato sauce made without meat, cheese or fish. Here’s a delicious, and quick, marinara you’re really going to love.

Sauté chopped garlic and onion in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. Add tomatoes, a generous portion of chopped parsley, fresh sweet basil, coarse salt, and just a dash of red pepper flakes. Simmer the sauce about 20 minutes. Remember: this one doesn’t take long, and it’s important not to overcook! Immediately afterward, pour the marinara over the freshly cooked pasta and serve. Heavenly!

Food and Wine Pairing

Moscato and Biscotti

Moscato is a wonderful dessert wine. Lightly sweet to the taste, but not overpowering, it’s a popular choice for those looking for the perfect complement to an Italian dessert. It’s particularly great paired with a light dessert like fruit and cheese, or even with a traditional, rich, tiramisu. Here’s easy to make at home Italian dessert that pairs remarkably with Moscato.

Of course, biscotti is incredible with espresso. Who can resist dunking this sturdy, Italian cookie in a steaming, hot beverage? But there’s another great way to enjoy this traditional Italian treat. Try dunking your favorite version of biscotti (the flavors are endless) in a glass of Moscato. And when you’re done dunking, you can, of course, drink the rest of the glass. Salute!

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