4 Traditional Italian Dishes You Must Eat

We know you have your favorites — those go to Italian staples at the top of your food craving list. But, are you ready to step out of your everyday cuisine gondola and wade out onto the daring water? Are you ready to enjoy something new, a traditional Italian meal that you’ve not yet tried?

Here’s a short list of traditional Italian dishes we just know you’re going to love. We promise.

1. Osso Buco (Bone With a Hole)

For those who will only eat lean meats, this dish is probably not for you. But for those who appreciate the richness of well-marbled meats, and the intense flavor of roasted fats, this dish will definitely wow you.

Typically served as a specialty item in Italian homes, Osso Buco is beginning to make an appearance at multiple high-end restaurants.

Often consisting of veal, Osso Buco is a shank, round bone with attached — and heavenly tasting — marrow in the center. Cooked In a variety of ways — according to individual chef preferences — it’s often roasted with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and coarse salt. On some menus, Osso Buco is served with marinara sauce.

But regardless of how it’s prepared, you can expect the intense richness of the marrow to absolutely win you over.  Definitely try this one!

2. Ribollita (Reboiled)

This is a delicious rustic, Tuscan white bean, soup. Ribollita is hearty, simple, and would have, at one time, been considered peasant food. But combine a piping hot bowl of Ribollita and a few slices of rustic bread — drizzled with extra virgin olive oil —- and this meal becomes spectacular and well worth trying.  

Made in a variety of ways, a typical Ribollita consists of white beans, garden greens, carrots, onions, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, pancetta (this can be a vegetarian dish, by simply omitting the pancetta), chicken or vegetable stock, rosemary, and just a bit of white wine. Topped with shaved parmesan and served with rustic bread and a glass of wine, and we know you’ll be asking for more.

3. Arrosticini

Chunks of meat — typically lamb — are marinated and placed on skewers over an intense open flame. This is a great item to order from a menu for a night on the town, or to prepare for appreciative, and hungry, guests at your next outdoor gathering.

And it’s easy: just take fairly large cubes of meat and marinate them in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley and — if you like — a bit of wine. Then, place the meat on wooden skewers and grill them over an open flame. This is an incredible Italian meal on a stick, turned up several gourmet notches.  


4. Calabrese Pizza

A traditional Southern Italian dish from the Calabria region. Generally, a moderately full (not too thick and not too thin) crust is topped with stewed tomatoes, soppressata, basil, kalamata olives, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, red pepper flakes, and if you enjoy them — anchovies.

(They really do add to the flavor. However, if you add anchovies, be sure to go lightly with the sea salt, or you might be overwhelmed).

The dish is often topped — after baking — with grated parmesan, rather than smothered in melted cheese, like most pizzas. This is delicious and well worth branching out into new Italian cuisine territories.

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