Serafina & Hennessy Exclusive Dinner Celebration

Aventura, FL – November 13, 2018 – Serafina and Hennessy teamed up to provide some of our most coveted guests from different industries a unique evening of unparalleled Cognac, wine and food pairings.  The interactive evening took guests on a voyage through cocktail making and an exquisite dinner prepared by Executive Chef Pedro Valdez.

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What Side Dishes Can You Get in an Italian Restaurant?

When you go to an Italian restaurant, are you ever stumped by what to order with your main entree? Well — besides pasta and wine — there are wonderful Italian side dishes, perfectly created to accompany your meal. Here are just a few to get you started for your next Italian restaurant venture: Caprese Salad [...]

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All About Pasta Shapes and Types

Italian pasta comes in a variety of types and shapes (it's not all spaghetti), and with each bringing an individual contribution to specific dishes. While to some pasta is just pasta, those who love Italian food know that no two are ever the same. When Pasta Isn’t Just Pasta The size and shape of pasta [...]

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