10 Interesting Facts about Italian Wine

You don’t have to be carving a tender, juicy steak or indulging in an incredible pasta with homemade sauce to appreciate a great glass of wine. And who but the Italians produce the finest wines on the planet?

Everyone has their favorite vino, but Italian wines offer abundance to the wine tasting experience. And there’s simply more to discover than you might realize.

Here are 10 Italian wine facts you might not know:

1. Quality

Italian wines are known for their detailed attention to nuance. While all winemakers strive to create a good end product, Italians consider winemaking to be almost a sacred cultural duty.

Each variety of grape, grown in individual regions, creates a unique wine. But experienced, quality winemakers put it all together with finesse for the best results.

2. History

Did you know: Italians have been making wine for over 3,000 years? Yes, 3,000! They’ve had generation upon generation to perfect their craft. And they’ve definitely done it well.

3. Most Wine Production Comes from Italy

While wine is made all over the world – throughout Europe, and in North and South America – to this day, most wine is still imported from Italy.
After all: Why change a good thing?

4. Grape Varieties

The selection of grapes is crucial to winemakers everywhere. And the Italians are no exception. The top 3 grapes used in Italian white wines are Cortese, Verdicchio, and Fiano. For reds: Aglianico, Montepulciano, and Negroamaro.

Grape Varieties

5. Regions

The region of Veneto in Italy is known for the perfect climate and soil for developing fine Italian wines. But there are actually 20 unique regions in Italy, each bringing forth wines with excellent, and distinct cultural influences.

6. Pairings

Italian wine is not just for pairing with pasta. It’s perfect with meat and fish, with soups, bread, cheese, and even dessert.

A simple, easy to make, old-world Italian dessert is a glass filled with freshly picked blackberries, lightly sprinkled with sugar, and topped with a generous pour of a good red Italian wine. This dessert is delicious to the last bite. And sip.

7. Sparkling Wines Aren’t Just From France

For those who like bubbles, there is always Prosecco Spumante – an ever growing in popularity Italian bubbly. The name comes from the village of Prosecco, where it originated

8. Imports

Did you know that the United States imports most of Italy’s wine? We are followed by Germany and the United Kingdom. Despite the competition, the import market for Italian wine continues to be enormous, all over the world

9. Not all Italian Wines are Rosso (Red)

Bianco (white) wines are also produced throughout Italy. Although we often don’t think of white wine when we think Italian. Try a Pinot Bianco with fish or seafood for a full Italian experience.

10. Popular Italian Wines

Chianti Classico has been produced in the Tuscan, Chianti region, for over 300 years. The region of Chianti, however, has been producing wine for over 2,000 years. You’ll find this popular wine with the red rooster label.

Dolcetto is another popular Italian Wine. It’s made with a dark black grape, and it’s produced in Northwest Italy.

Barbera is a deep red, dry wine. This grape is widely grown in Italy due to its popularity with winemakers, as well as consumers.

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