8 Delicious Italian Dinner Menu Ideas

Are you in the mood for an authentic, home-cooked Italian meal, but stumped for easy to follow ideas? Well, you’re in luck. Here’s are a few Italian dinner menu ideas that are sure to have you shouting, “Manjia!” in no time.

The setting: first, light some candles, and then light more (can there ever be enough candles?). Place a red and white checked cloth on the table, add a simple centerpiece of fresh cut flowers from your garden, turn up the volume on your favorite Andrea Bocelli CD, and don’t forget to pour the wine!

Now that your dining room has been transformed into a quaint Italian cafe, you’re ready for the menu.

1. Antipasto (Appetisers)

Antipasto generally consists of thinly sliced, cold meats (prosciutto and salami work great here) a variety of cheeses, roasted sweet peppers, crusty bread, and olives, all beautifully presented together on a festive platter. This will definitely start your meal right.

2. Primo (First Course)

This is the perfect time to wow them with your favorite pasta dish. Be sure to grate some parmesan over each plate, right at the table. But don’t forget to limit the size of the portions. After all, you have to save room; there’s more dinner on the way.

3. Secondo (Second Course)

Now, for the main course. The specifics are endless — and depend on your particular taste leanings and guest’s food preferences — but generally, the second course revolves around a dish consisting of pork, chicken, veal, fish, or seafood. Use your imagination. Your choices are endless./span>

4. Contorno (Side Course)

Often served right along with the second course, the contorno can be a simple salad tossed with quality, extra virgin olive oil, and red wine vinegar, or a green vegetable, typically drizzled — after cooking to perfection — with olive oil, garlic and coarse salt.

5. Formaggio e Frutta (Cheese and Fruit)

There’s no reason to make this course complicated. Fresh fruits like berries, sliced tart apples, and juicy, ripe pears work great. Serve the fresh fruit with some delicious Italian cheeses like gorgonzola, asiago, and fontina. Think tart and sweet, salty and creamy. Remember: mixing flavors and textures definitely enhance the enjoyment of this course.

6. Dolce (Sweets)

Here’s where you get to wow everyone with dessert. Although you can simplify your labor by picking up a great Tiramisu at your local Italian bakery, an uncomplicated selection of sliced cakes and fresh cookies, served on a beautiful tray, will also make a perfect, and traditional, addition to any Italian meal.



7. Caffe (After Dinner Coffee)

If you don’t have an espresso machine or are not looking forward to being wide awake at 2:00 AM, you can always substitute the traditional powerhouse drink with a fresh pot of your favorite coffee. Even decaf will do. Hey, we’ll never tell. The important thing is: you savor the piping hot brew in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that’s filled with joyful and lively conversation.

8. Digestivo (An After Dinner Liquor, Used for Digestive Purposes)

Get out your prettiest shot glasses, and bring on a selection of traditional Italian liquors: Limoncello, Amaretto, and Anisette works well. Place the bottles on a beautiful silver tray, and let your guests choose their favorites. It’s the perfect way to end an authentic, and memorable, Italian meal.

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