Tips for Eating Out Healthy: Dining Out Guide

Are you weary of cooking and contemplating a meal out? Or, are you busy running errands, and feeling the need for a quick bite? If you appreciate eating healthy and are concerned about blowing your health-conscious new year goals, rest assured: there are plenty of ways to ensure eating out healthy.

Whether you’re at home, or at a restaurant, it’s all about the choices.

So, here are a few tips for quick and healthy dining outside:

  • Choose Well

Restaurants everywhere offer a variety of healthy choices — even fast food places are on board. Why? Because if eating healthy is important to you, the customer, it’s also important to the restaurant.

Keep in mind: the healthiest items may not be in the “low calorie” section of the menu. Choosing fish, or poultry is always helpful. But why have them deep fried when you can request baked or steamed instead?

  • Tricks for Healthy Eaters

Skipping rich sauces and gravy is always a plus. A bit of fresh lemon over your fish, and even on your chicken, is incredibly tasty, as well as a healthy, option.

While a fresh salad is a solid healthy choice, sometimes they come drenched in rich dressings which can send you in an entirely different nutritional direction.

Remember, salad dressings can be served on the side, so you can determine the amount consumed. And vinegar and oil is generally a healthier choice than a standard creamy dressing.

  • Beverages

Skipping sodas and even cocktails is a huge positive when attempting to dine out healthy. Consider replacing those beverages with water and lemon, or even tea. A single glass of wine with dinner is also a great option if consumed in moderation.

water and lemon

  • Dessert, Anyone?

When eating out, choosing from the dessert menu can be as frustrating as it is tempting. But, rest assured: most restaurants serve a fresh fruit plate. If you don’t see one on the menu, simply ask. Chances are, there’s fruit in the kitchen just waiting to be served.

  • Substitutions

No, we don’t all want fries with that. Never be afraid to ask for substitutions. Most restaurants will offer fresh tomato slices, or even a fruit wedge in place of salty, oily french fries. And all you have to do is ask.

  • What’s a Burger Without the Bun?

Delicious. That’s what it is. Some restaurants offer bunless burgers. But, if not, most will prepare one upon request. You can choose to eat that bunless wonder with a knife and fork (we can assure you: you won’t be the first) or have it wrapped in a lettuce leaf as a tasty and nutritious option.

  • Don’t Skip Meals

We all know it’s never wise to grocery shop while hungry. The same is true when eating out healthy. If you’ve skipped meals all day so that you can enjoy dinner out, it will be more likely you’ll make regrettable choices.

So, why tempt fate? Eat light meats during your normal times so that when you arrive at the restaurant you won’t be compelled to grab every breadstick within a 4 table radius.

  • Portions

Generally, restaurants serve larger portions than you might consume at home. Not a problem. Here’s your opportunity to have someone else do the cooking tonight, and enjoy it again tomorrow — without leaving your house. To-go bags were invented for a reason. There’s no need to feel guilty about excess, you’ll be thankful for the healthy extras tomorrow.

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