Most Famous Italian Chefs

Italians are renowned for their love of food, intricate care of every preparation and time-consuming detail.

Whether you’re around the table with your Nonna, who always cooks with love, generously serving her old world recipes to family and friends, or you’re experiencing chef-inspired plates at a great Mediterranean restaurant, there’s plenty of Italian food talent to go around.

But what about celebrity Italian chefs? Who are they, and what unique qualities have made these chefs superstars? Read on to find the answers.

Carlo Cracco

With his impressive restaurant in Milan, Cracco, his television hosting, including, Masterchef Italia, and a flair for genius inspired Northern Italian cuisine, this chef has managed to rise to superstar status. Diners at his restaurant are consistently met with magical food presentations and memories of a spectacular dining experience.

Simone Rugiati

A famous chef, and star of several Italian cooking shows, Simone is a man of great style and simply is a creative genius. He aspires to make simple, yet unique, foods that people can easily recreate at home. His delectable meal creations are known to be as simple, yet profound, as his much raved about, ricotta and pear ravioli.

Benedetta Parodi

A journalist by trade, whose personality brought her from a small part on an Italian cooking show to hosting Bake Off Italia, Parodi’s casual, completely unpretentious style, and amazing food, have made her a rising star in the Italian Chef universe. Her best selling cookbooks, like Everyday Italian Cooking, are appreciated for the chef’s unpretentious approach to food.

Sonia Peronaci

Unlike her father, Sonia Peronaci was not a trained chef. However, her love of food, her cooking blog, and YouTube shows have made Sonia an internationally known celebrity chef. Her easy to follow, and delicious, recipes for popular, yet simple, foods (like Tiramisu recipe) have skyrocketed Sonia to stardom.

Davide Oldani

The host of the popular television show The Chef, Oldani favors simple, down to earth Italian cuisine. Inspired as a child by his mother’s love of cooking, he was eventually drawn to culinary school. Oldani enjoys preparing foods of great contrast: mixing sweet and savory, creamy and crisp, simple and elegant. His creations never fail to surprise his guests.

italian chef

Massimo Bottura

Bottura is a chef who relishes taking traditional Italian dishes and spinning them in unexpected ways, with innovative ingredients and a twist in methodology. His highly acclaimed restaurant, Osteria Francescana, is located in Modena, Italy, and is known to be an inspirational experience for diners who visit.

Gennaro Contaldo

Contaldo is the most famous Italian Chef working in the UK. His creations appear in Jamie Oliver’s restaurants, and he’s written a dozen best selling Italian cookbooks. Growing up and discovering the love of cooking on the Amalfi Coast, he began working in a restaurant and refining his cooking skills at the tender age of eight. He appeared in the BBC series, Two Greedy Italians, and has a wildly popular YouTube cooking channel with almost 20 million video views.

Giada De Laurentiis

Born in Rome, Giada is the granddaughter of the famous film producer, Dino De Laurentiis. Growing up with the love of great Italian food and cooking, she went on to study at the world-famous Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. With a spectacular personality and expert chef skills, Giada has reached famous Italian chef status with her multiple best selling cookbooks and Food Channel show stardom

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